Saturday, July 25, 1998

Konflikt / R.I.P. FLOW KRANIUM

Yesterday was bad...I had a konflikt with Pamala over a Deep Dark Secret that I didn't think was any big deal. I told her that my morality isn't the same as hers (or saccharine sex&violence puritanical mainstream America's) and that there'd probably be other things she wouldn't like about me (for one I am not human) and that if she was going to ditch me I'd rather she'd do it sooner than later.

I left to go buy a Z1 at Skuzzy Music and then spent much of the evening trying to MIDI sync it in Qtractor, experiencing frustration after frustration. When I found a working combination, my attitude improved enormously... until teary eyed Pamala came to the attic to deliver the news of Flow's death. 
I am 17, I have a tech support job and an internet connection, but the music feels like its starting to fade away.