Tuesday, April 21, 1998

MorphoFest Pt. II

Well, I was fixing my muffler, while everybody was standing aroud. (Which is hard to do while it's still hot) gave up, looked up, and all my friends had ditched me, and I had to hang around with Audrey's friends who I didn't know.. but half of them turned out to be the little brothers of my friends, who I went to see Karnivore with.) I watched the Entrail Girls.. who seemed pretty cool... then we wandered, and I was jumped by some crazy asshole who turned out to be Boner.. who was damn glad I was me and not some guy that would want to kill someone who jumped on them. Mike showed me where he was sitting.. I sat and talked to him for a while.. and I heard people shouting my name.. he was about 6 feet from about 20 people from my school (including Wonko The Sane, but only people on my board know of him) Well, I was due to meet Pamala at the trashcan so I left my 
friends who were sitting by the way-cool tree. 
Pamala decided we'd sit WAY in back so people wouldn't see us smoke anything illegal.. I then wandered.. my only goal to find my true friends.. especially
Tyrone.. who was who I wanted to hang with most.. I wandered and bumped into someone who had hair just like mine.. we stared at each other for about 5 minutes.. when finally he said "FREAK!" and walked off...  I wandered once more.. I bumped into Dork, who came with the 20 people from my school, and was sitting with them, so I siad i'd stop by later and chat with him.. I then bumped into some freaky person with a cute butt... he turned out to be Morgue.. we were both very happy at this point, and started walking and hanging out..
we had our arms on each others shoulders which is compleatly normal..  he then took me to where everyone else was.. he gave me a hug.. which surprised me, because I've always thought she hated me,
and I was nothing more than a mere <jerk> to her... Dork
 made me go in the pit. I think it was during Flow's solo set.. some guy landed on me, and somehow kicked me in the balls real hard.. it hurt, and I wanted out.. BLECH! 

I decided to go chech out Skorn.. and maybe 

bump into Tyrone again... Instead I bumped into my dog.. and then proceeded to be an asshole for about 2 hours... once every ten minutes or so. I lost my dog and ended up in the pit.. I was about 1 foot and a half (third person) from the stage when Kaoss Edge. started.. I had already bumped into everyone I ever met before in my life.. and I bumped into Dork many many many times.. In the pit, I also bumped into the guy with hair like me who called me a freak.. we laughed..There was some loud noise.. and they started taking the set down.. this made me mad.. I started yelling vulgaritys.. to calm down the people, they started hosing us down.. the security guard hosing us down was none other than Pamala's Uncle.. I started yelling his name, Krustin, and he saw me.. I got a whole bunch of people to yell 'give Krustin a raise, give thom a raise'... They took the their Gear that was hanging down. they accomplished this by dropping it on us.. it hurt a lot.. but they warned us to cover our heads.. I caught a peice of it, and stuffed it in my pocket.. a souvenir which now hangs above my bed... Kaoss killed it... but then Thrage came on.. I proceed to be smooshed next to some girl with 
large breast.. although I didn't mind.. she did, and so did her boyfriend.. who punched me and I started to bleed from the nose ... Iyelled 'help' but no one cared... I was not up to moshing to Thrage.. so I made my way outward.. I wandered and saw 
someone I knew... she said my nose was bloody, and I said 'at least I saw Edge in the flesh'... her boyfriend then noticed that my shorts were bloody too.. this frightened me.. because my assholeness made me forget my pain.. so Iforgot abot the  punctured leg.. which is a dumb thing to do, especially if it's still in the wound.. she made me take my shorts off.. I think I made some sexual comments.. but then I don't remember.. I woke up.. she was gone, and my souvenir was in my hand.. and my face was no longer on my body. I
was relieved when I found my shorts.. I stumbled up.. and wandered around in the dark.. I bumped into a naked female, who I wish I knew,but I didn't.. so then I went to go see Krang.. I got bored.. so I got a shirt and left to go find my car..
oh yeah.. sometime during this I saw Fishhead.. but I decided to be an asshold 

before they were done. (sorry lurch <E>) 


In the morning Pamala and I woke up on the back porch of Josh the Guitarist. It wasn't really his home, it was his parents'. Judging from the decorations, furniture and such, Josh's parents are the liberal-minded, tolerant, eccentric. Their house is a split level which Josh and the father of her child have divided into influence zones. He lives upstairs, where he is free to work on his computer diversions. Josh lives downstairs, with her internet equipped computer and other tools. The walls of her bedroom (where she often entertains groups of visitors) are covered with layers and layers of magazine clippings, much of it fairly tasteful erotic images of animals. Josh plays her stereo extremely quietly, perhaps tonight this was a defensive thing; she says her musical interests are very different from mine. But we cleared up one thing: I actually do like 311, a band she erroneously recalled me dissing. She on the other hand has no interest in Kaoss Edge. Other people showed up: Jargus, a big funny extroverted guy, and then Hardris and her father returned, but the father stayed upstairs watching TV while the rest of us (especially Hardris) continued socializing downstairs. She talks continuously, and when she's not talking, she's making animal noises. She demands center stage, and this makes things a little difficult for us. But there's a consistency to it all. Elof had a counterfeit Rolex watch his grandfather stole for him. It was a real piece of metallic crap, but there was the logo and the statement of authenticity.

As we milled around preparing to leave, Hardris did a remarkable spontaneous pro-social thing: she filled little paper cups with LSD and handed them to everyone present. The demographics were a mix of white trash, punks, racist-looking whites, goth kids, generic college kids, youthful affluent couples and some aliens. As we walked up and down the street looking for an appropriate restaurant, the proximity to so much seemingly violent masculine force on the verge of explosive expression had the effect of raising my adrenaline level. Several times Pamala and I thought we heard people (punks or skinheads) shout insults at us. It was actually kind of scary. Pamala was amazed; she'd been on this same street in the middle of a weekday and found the place very mellow.

Monday, April 20, 1998

MorphoFest Pt. I

the highway... once a dream of erattcehiru... a means of Lllaoozpoala.. I nod't know. and I forget. in each car really, but I'll keep trying.. sorry for lying.. my friend mike, who)) I've been friends with since I was 6, and haven't seen or heard from in a year, was friends with an ugly kid I didn't know... what was friends with Oracle... I think he still has my leisure suit larry 5 manual.. but anyway..

I had some objectives to accomplish.

the first and third are paradoxes... MIXTAPE Violent Meefs, puts cars in reverse, and then back into park 
without touching the break, which is not a nice thing to do to someone, especially when they must jump in the car window, just to save the car.
well we got there in the end.

UBIQUITY, n.  The gift or power of being in all places at one time, but not in all places at all times, which is omnipresence. Kim greeted me at the door with a wine glass of Morpho in her hand. Can I get 15 half eaten cheeseburgers to go? She's taken to my drink of choice like a young Ezra to Red Dog. It's so unexpected and refreshing to find her voluntarily drinking a beverage most people can't seem to understand.