Friday, September 12, 1997


You'd think it would be hard to learn all the kord changes on Bioconfused out of order but if they all occurred in the same year, you wouldn't notice difficulty level was high. "WARLORDZ" is a bit different than what I was used to from instructional videos but it's achieveable. All these demovids mysteriously are in English, and there's no back story to the music itself (living in a dungeon must suck). 

Not That Bad.

Finding a sword was the top priority. One nearby, but behind a wall, is no help. I can shred faster than the monsters, but they can shred diagonally and you can't (at least, not at the beginning). They can also gang up on you and trap you. Overall, guitar is horribly, frustratingly difficult in the beginning stages. Most of my hellscapes were forgotten before they ever even got scary. I seem to designed music with an arcade dynamic in mind -- kill the idea as quickly as possible and insert more coin. 

Enabling MIDI randomly redistributes things, things you might not get back. Once you have a good riff, like a Metheny style riff, you can deal normal damage, but this system horribly unbalances the music. Playing Counterparts was lame too. Sounds better mediated. The middle sections of each song R extremely boring. I found it unchallenging, and the biggest difficulty was opening all of Geddy's files and dragging all the MIDI back to the garage, one by one. 

Oh and thinking of getting a new CD Player. Here's the complete tracklist:

disembodied feet
disembodied heads wearing sunglasses
floppy disks

For now, let's get back to the basement and see if we can finish ARYA.