Wednesday, July 30, 1997



I HATE SKOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! I LOVE JENI !!!!!! I thought of a kool new JENI game today in gym. The concept is, a malevolent computer mainframe has taken over an office building, corrupting employees and causing all kinds of havoc. Pamala Anderson must ascend up to 30 floors of the office building (i.e., dungeon levels) to find 
the software and return with knowledge of its location to the lobby. On the way, you must deal with hostile employees (monsters), keep up a supply of junk food, increase your levels and statistics, find office supplies (weapons), learn different strategies for dealing with different employees, and collect chips and bytes (gold). Death is permanent and your save game is deleted when you die. Bye for now, I need to go pretend I can digest food. I figure my options are:

  1. Don't eat for weeks and see if anyone notices
  2. Blog what I'm doing, no matter how repetitive or boring
  3. Come up with a lot of special topics
  4. Play Rifts with Jeni
  5. Feed Void

Since I still have KARNIVORE on the burner anyway, I think I'll try #4 and see how it goes.