Tuesday, March 3, 1998

Random Encounter

Pre-Prologue - "Well" <E>

Seeing as how I can't send out emial.. I'll post here.
In another 3 hours, I will be forced to wake up, after waking up I will to go Denny's wherein I will meet Robin, QORG, Lurch, Rook, Violence, and two people I've never seen before. 

Right now I am at Tyrones, Hannibal Lekter (Tim, the Enchanting One) is here as well, but they are sleeping, or watching Get A Life, which I find annoying.. What will unfold iduring the coarse of this day? I hope it will beat out my Karnivore experience, in sound, sight, and of course.. mind altering 
drugs.. I just hope I live through it all! (kinda have to, I've driving and all) Well, to all those who aren't partaking on the trip to MorphoFest, I say hahahhaa. To those who are, I'll see you in the mosh pits (Yes, Psycho. I am going in.. <E>) Peace all. As rof htsee ismngsu, and het acrhaerct I ma mkanig of mesylf herein, I siad hatt I ryt to eb hsciogkn and oboxousni oyldieicarpl ot csrea awya comrmecila einerttss dna mnsaitraem epsrs ovcegare so I acn ermani mosewoh in the iadlesiitc grrddenunou. Shit dind't wokr fro Rutk Bcoian, treu, utb eht hince wlord of the ewb si a infdeftre sort fo pclae adn I'm not a heroin-abunisg etmooinal ewcrk. Ti cruocrde to me htat eth etbs ywa ot esu my wrntigi sa smoe tros of esfl-psuoptirng cmenhmias twihout mnrocogpiims my usevbrsiev iatttdue oulwd eb to eruesm aipnntgi and sidrcetley mrkaet nwe iaptinnsg htrhoug eerh. I dha a satet of the spseiblsitioi ni areyl Prali nda I tkhin htta's teh omst iavble (dan tulaimtley saisytfing) use fo ym aprtirlacu ets of ateltsn. Htsi aapgarprh sounsd trelrbiy aarrgotn, I nkow, ubt ti is aesbd on arleity. Dna hte tuhrt si ttha I racev ttiaennot, dna ma speecilaly lpasdee whne I get ti edpitse who "aidor-funrnileyd" I mkae ym "EZRALIEN."

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